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1. Charter Fee

The charter fee includes: use of the yacht (including skipper) and its facilities, insurance of the yacht (liability and hull with excess).
Fuel is not included in the charter fee.

2. Postponement

If the customer wishes to postpone the date after the conclusion of the contract, this can only be done according to the owner's scheduling options.

3. Bookings

Bookings are accepted subject to availability.
Appointments that have already been reserved can be requested in parallel.

4. Payment

The total price is to be paid in full by the start of the charter.
5. If payment is not made in full, the owner can withdraw from the contract. In the event of cancellation by the customer, which must be explained in writing, the owner can demand reasonable compensation for the travel arrangements made and expenses. When calculating the replacement, expenses usually saved and income resulting from other uses of the rented item are taken into account. The amount of the replacement depends on the usage fee.

6. Cancellation

Mutual free cancellation is only possible in the event of aggravation, danger or impairment of a significant nature due to unforeseeable and extraordinary circumstances such as war, unrest, epidemics/pandemics, government orders, natural disasters.
If the charter cannot be started as agreed for private reasons, the cancellation is subject to a fee. In such a case, the landlord must be informed immediately by telephone or e-mail/fax. The cancellation costs are staggered:

- 20% of the total price if canceled more than 2 weeks before the start of the charter.
- 50% of the total price if canceled more than 1 week before the start of the charter.
- 90% of the total price if canceled less than 1 week before the start of the charter.

The landlord will release the rental period immediately after notification of the withdrawal in order to enable re-letting. The landlord recommends travel cancellation insurance (point 9).

7. Insurance of the yacht

There is comprehensive insurance for the boat and the equipment on board, as well as liability insurance for personal injury and damage to property (excluding engine damage) with a loss amount of EUR 6 million each. The liability insurance includes the protection of the renter as skipper for the period of the rental. The insurance companies have a deductible in the amount of the deposit, which the renter bears in the event of any culpable damage event.

Motor damage, the personal belongings of the renter and those of the crew are excluded from the yacht insurance. Furthermore, the insurance is not liable for accidents caused by the persons on board. Claims for damage incurred by the renter or the crew while using the boat or the accessories or in connection with the use are irrelevant.

8. Use of the yacht

Home port is Saint Tropez.
The standard charter day starts from 9 a.m in the port of Saint Tropez and ends at 7 p.m in the port of Saint Tropez.
The yacht is available to you with a full tank of fuel every day.
After your charter day, the boat will be refueled with you again in the port of Saint Tropez.

The renter undertakes to treat the yacht as personal property and to handle it in accordance with the rules of good seamanship. The instructions of the skipper must be followed. The tenant is personally liable to the authorities in the event of a violation of the law, even if it is unintentional.

9. Private supplementary insurance

An additional skipper liability insurance protects against engine damage. A deposit insurance reduces the deductible. Travel cancellation insurance covers you in the event of illness. The landlord will provide recommendations for insurers when the contract documents are sent, the insurance costs are borne by the tenant.
If the contract is not cancelled, the customer owes the agreed charter fee, regardless of whether he uses the yacht or not.
11. If, due to an accident during the previous use of the yacht or due to another unforeseeable hindrance to the owner, the yacht cannot be made available within 48 hours after the agreed date, the owner has the right and the obligation to offer the customer a comparable ship with the same number of berths or reimburse the customer for the charter fee.
In the event of a delayed handover, the customer will be reimbursed for the proportionate usage fee. A handover that does not take place within 2 hours after the agreed charter start is considered late. This does not apply if the handover is delayed or postponed to the next day due to the customer arriving late.
There is only a right to complete provision of pre-ordered additional equipment on the day the ship is handed over if the provision has been guaranteed in writing by the owner. If booked additional equipment cannot be provided for unforeseeable reasons, the rental price for this will be reimbursed.
The liability of the customer is based on the general regulations. The customer is only released from any obligation to pay damages if the insurance compensates for the damage.

The liability of the owner for property damage caused by simple negligence is excluded.
13. In the event of theft and damage expected to exceed €500.00, the owner must have a report drawn up by a publicly appointed expert or average agent. The owner or his representative must be informed immediately and their instructions must be followed. In the event of damage, confiscation or theft of the yacht or an item of equipment, the customer must report this to the police.

Note: If the customer fails to comply with these formalities required by the insurance company, he may be required to pay all the expenses incurred as a result of damage or theft.
If damage occurs to the yacht for which the customer is not responsible and which leads to a significant reduction in usability, the owner will reimburse the proportionate charter fee for the period of impairment according to a quota corresponding to the impairment.
15. Pets are only allowed by prior arrangement.
All yachts are equipped with televisions. Due to the locally poor reception possibilities, there is no entitlement to reception.
17. The contracting parties agree on the application of German law. As far as permissible, Darmstadt (Germany) is agreed as the place of jurisdiction.
18. Should a provision of this contract be invalid, the invalid provision will be replaced by a provision that comes closest to the other agreements and comes closest to the invalid clause. The remaining provisions remain valid.
Oral agreements are invalid: Changes to this contract must be in writing and only become valid after written confirmation by the owner.
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